1. New Trolley Bay Fitting

    New Trolley Bay Fitting

    As a matter of course, Kwikclamp works closely with our customers to see how we can help them access better products to give a better finished end application and reduce installation times. A classic example of this is our new 177-D48 4 way TEE fitting, designed specifically foe trolley bay / bin bay application where there are double - triple - even more lanes in the bay design.

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  2. New extruded aluminium kick plate

    New extruded aluminium kick plate

    Kwikclamp has added a new extruded alumnium kick plate product to the range replacing steel plate / flat bar. The proprietary design enables total compliance of the installed kick plate (also known as kerb rail) for both AS1657 and AS1428 installations. M10 x 25 bolts are slid into a recessed slot on the rear of the extrusion and are fixed onto both the 242 toe plate base flange or other combinations of fittings for inclined ramp applications. Complete with internal and external corners, all pre-welded for fast installation plus end caps and rivets to seal off the ends of the kick plate when required. Produces a very neat, good looking finished job. Being aluminium it is easily powder coated to any required colour.

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  3. Bikeway Safety Barrier System - BSD 7006 compliant

    Bikeway Safety Barrier System - BSD 7006 compliant

    Kwikclamp have now added a number of specialty clamp fittings to the range to create a suite of products that comply with the BSD 7006 bikeway safety barrier specifications - a particular design of bikeway barrier panel products based on 50NB posts and top rail, 40NB mid and bottom rail or 40NB barrier panels. This design and specification set are commonly used in Queensland installations.

    The new items added to the range enable use of the 101 short Tee, 119 Cross and 148 adjustable angle Cross for 50NB posts and 40NB rails. More items are in design / production to further expand the versatility of Kwikclamp fittings for the BSD 7006 requirements. Download BSD7006 drawing.

    Contact us for more information or send through your project details for Estimates. Call 1300 59 00 59 for assistance.

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  4. New Galvanised Bollard Range Introduced

    New Galvanised Bollard Range Introduced

    Kwikclamp has released a new range of yellow Powder coated safety bollards - 4 new sizes to suit a wide rnage of safety applications to keep pedestrians separated from vehicular traffic. All Austrailian Made in our Brisbane factory using top end specificatrion galvanised pipe, the Galvanised bollards are available in:-

    • 90mm diameter x 900m height
    • 115mm diam x 1000mm height
    • 140mm diam x 1200mm height
    • 165mm diam x 1300mm height
    • All pipe is medium or heavy wall, hot dip galvanised to Australian Standards
    • Caps are tack welded to the post top for added security
    • 200 x 200 x 10mm galvanised base plate which is continuously welded to the post section

    All Galvanised bollards are powder coated safety yellow after a light blast clean - a Class 2 reflective tape stripe is on all bollards. Special sizes and colours are available as customer products.

    Available ex stock Brisbane, shipped Australia wide

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  5. 81 Applications of Kwikclamp Fittings

    One of the best features of mallable Iron pipe fittings is the versatility that they offer in creating almost anything you could imagine. As an added bonus, the fastening system means that it is easy to install and take down again, making it useful for both permanent and temporary installations. Combine the Kwikclamp fittings with lengths of pipe steel, and the imagination is your biggest limitation. To give you an idea of some uses for clamp and steel pipe, we have compiled a little list of some of the different things people have used pipe clamp products to construct.

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  6. How to Make Your Own Steel Soccer Goals

    Creating your own solid soccer goals out of steel is easier than you think. This post details how this Brisbane familty created their own soccer goal using galvanised steel pipe and clamp fittings.

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  7. Roof Top Equipment Safety Handrail

    Roof Top Equipment Safety Handrail

    With increasingly demanding workplace safety requirements, providing safety handrails around an elevated air conditioning platform on a roof top provides a great example of how versatile and useful the modular clamp system is. In this classic installation, all the materials were prepared in the workshop and taken to site.

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  8. Mezzanine Safety Handrail

    Mezzanine Safety Handrail

    Workplace safety regulations require any elevated storage area to have safety barriers on stairs and the storage platform extremities. Kwikclamp customers use our products to erect highly effective compliant barriers and handrails in mezzanine floor and access stairs. In this example the barrier elements were all powder coated a safety orange for added visibility.

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  9.  Trolley Bays

    Trolley Bays

    Kwikclamp products are used extensively to create a wide range of trolley bays for the return and storage of shopping trolleys. The modular nature of the fittings allows an endless variety of designs and possibilities for fast and easy installation anywhere. Wide range of configurations are available plus surface mount or core drilled versions of all designs.

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