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81 Applications of Kwikclamp Fittings

One of the best features of the Kwikclamp mallable Iron pipe fittings is the versatility that they offer in creating almost anything you could imagine. As an added bonus, the Kwikclamp fastening system means that it is easy to install and take down again, making it useful for both permanent and temporary installations. Combine the fittings with lengths of pipe steel, and the imagination is your biggest limitation. To give you an idea of some uses for clamp and steel pipe, we have compiled a little list of some of the different things people have used clamp products to construct. Note: some images in this story may not be Kwikclamp products, any such images are used to illustrate and depict typical uses of modular pipe clamp fittings.

Fencing applications

Kwikclamp fittings together with steel pipe and our barrier panels are excellent for barrier fencing and fencing enclosures. The fittings and pipe can be combined with custom made or off the shelf fence panels or wire mesh products to create the perfect enclosure or barrier. Here is a list of some barrier fencing and enclosures that can be created using Kwikclamp fittings.

  • Pool fencing
  • Dog kennels
  • Trolley bays
  • Large aviaries
  • High-rise storage enclosure
  • Stables & horse pens / bays
  • Man cave
  • Zoo enclosures
  • Safety hand rails & barriers
  • Bikeway and pedestrian barriers

Security & Barrier applications

Kwikclamp products are also perfect for barriers and security applications. Create perfect and secure installations to prevent people going where they are not supposed to, keep them away from dangerous machinery, create fall prevention systems as well as queue management systems. Kwikclamps are also used in barrier systems between roads and bike / foot paths.

  • Balustrading
  • Crowd control systems
  • Queue management systems
  • Machinery enclosures
  • Temporary security balustrading
  • Security enclosures
  • Safety enclosures
  • Roadside barrier
  • Guardrails
  • Roof Guardrails
  • Rooftop fall prevention system
  • Exhibition barriers

Handrail application

Create great smooth inline handrails with the Kwikclamp DDA Assist range. The fittings are designed to fit flush with the steel pipe. Correct use of the fittings will also help you comply with the Australian Standard AS1428 for access and disability. The ease of installation and uninstallation makes KWikclamp fittings an excellent choice for temporary handrails as well.

  • Handrails for stairs
  • Disability Assist rail
  • Temporary handrails
  • Elevated Platform handrails
  • Railway handrails
  • Guardrails

Sports applications

In addition to security and fencing applications, Kwikclamp products can help create a wide range of structures for other applications, including sporting applications. You can obviously create a range of handrail and safety solutions for sports stadiums and halls of all sizes and you can also create unique solutions such as solid backyard soccer goals, hockey goals, exercise equipment such as chin up bars, dip bars and more. You can also create great storage systems and racks for sporting equipment such as dinghy racks, kayak racks and more. Want to delve into the popular sport of pole dancing? Grab two flanges and cut a pipe to the correct length to install a pole from floor to ceiling in your exercise room.

  • Soccer Goals
  • Rugby goals
  • Hockey goals
  • Sports field fencing
  • Sports practice nets
  • Cage fighting
  • Exercise equipmentSkateboard rails
    • Chin up bars
    • Wall exercise frame
    • Dip bars
    • Sit up bench
  • Sports stadium barriers
  • Spectator handrails
  • Dinghy Racks
  • Kayak racks
  • Surf board racks
  • Pole dancing

Fun applications

In addition to sporting applications, Kwikclamp fittings can be used to create excellent playground and play centre equipment. Use your creativity to design climbing frames, monkey bars, balance beams and excellent structures. If you have created structures from Meccano, you will have no problems designing and constructing great Iclamp play structures the kids will go nuts over.

  • Playground climbing frame
  • Indoor playcentre structures
  • Monkey bars
  • Balance beam
  • Playground bridge
  • Newton’s cradle
  • Art & Sculptures
  • Meccano Set

Commercial applications

Kwikclamp fittings and pipe products can also be used to create top solutions for businesses of all sizes. The range has been used to create shopping trolley bays, retail POS systems, storage shelving, billboard and banner display frames, market stalls and more.

  • Retail POS system
  • Exhibition stands
  • Storage shelving
  • Roadside sign installation
  • Display stands
  • Market stalls
  • Billboard frames
  • Trolley bays


  • Pipe beds
  • Bunk beds
  • Work bench
  • Shelves

Storage Solutions

Create top storage solutions for tool sheds, garages, shelving and more with the help of Kwikclamp fittings. With the ability to loosen the screws, the shelves are then able to be disassembled into flat sections for easy moving.

  • Rack shelving
  • Garage shelving
  • Tool shelf
  • Cycle racks

Undercover Structures

Want to create an undercover structure without employing expensive builders? Framing up a structure is easy with steel pipe and Kwikclamp fittings. Create weld-free solutions for bike sheds, carports, canopies, greenhouses and shade structures.

  • Bike shed
  • Carport
  • Canopies
  • Greenhouse
  • Temporary structures
  • Shade structures

Agricultural uses

Let’s not forget about the agricultural industry. Surely pipe clamp products can be used there too? You’re correct, of course. Kwikclamp fittings have been used to create milking parlours, animal enclosures as well as much needed shade structures in paddocks amongst other things.

  • Milking parlours
  • Agricultural Enclosures
  • Paddock shade structures
  • Bird-proof garden structures

There will obviously be countless of other applications where Kwikclamp fittings will make construction easier. Whatever your idea is, send it through, and we will work out the materials needed in addition to the cost.

Note: some images in this story may not be Kwikclamp products, any such images are used to illustrate and depict typical uses of modular pipe clamp fittings.


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