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Mezzanine Floor & Stair Barriers

Any elevated platform or mezzanine floor area, including stairways is required by workplace safety laws to have an acceptable safety handrail / barrier installed to prevent anyone from falling off the platform or stairs as well as preventing any objects from falling off the raised floor onto the area below – injury and property protection.

AS1657 specifies all the design and load performance for safety handrails. Kwikclamp’s modular handrail components have been independently tested and certified to comply with all the requirements of AS1657 and the easy installation of modular handrail / barrier systems. When required, we have professional engineers undertake specialist assessment of specifc installations and provide detailed designs and subsequent certification of the installation.

Use our range of modular safety barrier products  ….

  • clamp fittings for all the design & construction aspects of stairs
  • posts and rails
  • toe plates
  • fasteners
  • mesh infill panels
  • barrier panels including custom made for stairways
  • sliding access gates


Gates and access points along a barrier are easily created and installed – just like the meccano sets of old! Jobs can be pre-cut in the workshop and all materials taken to the job site for fast and easy installation – no onsite welding involved = safer and faster installation and no specialist skills or equipment needed.

Download AS1657 certification

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