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DDA Assist Disability Handrails

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    AS1428 is the Australian design guide for a range of disability assist products, construction situations and aspects of buildings and public areas are to be made disabled friendly. When combined with other Australian Standards and design guides, Kwikclamp has all the specific DDA Assist clamp fittings needed to construct …

    • disability handrails – have to be smooth with no sharp edges or protruding elements
    • walkway safety handrails – mostly with a maximum slope of 1 in 14 (4 degrees)
    • toe plate sections on straight and curved areas to prevent wheelchairs from going under any rails


    Our 7 series fittings are designed specifically for disability handrail applications, which are used in conjunction with our other fittings for a wide ranges of design options and installation requirements.

    All components – clamps, posts, rails – can be powder coated for specific site requirements. Special joiner rings ensure that joins on rail sections are smooth, removing any injury point.


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