What's New?

Kwikclamp has an ongoing program of adding new products to our range with the objective of enabling customers to install their jobs easier, faster and with less onsite demands. In recent times we have added a number of new sleeved products for the disability (AS1428) applications as well as more sizes in existing core items. We regularly receive feedback from customers about the challenges they sometimes face on particular job generating ideas for new products' in other instances we fill the gaps in special barrier panel etc specifying authority designs (e.g. BSD7006 bikeway barriers) to move from old weld onsite products to the complete modular system.

Recently added products include:-

  • 139 slimline wall bracket - low profile circular clamp to fix handrails to walls - simialr but more refined that the larger 131 circular bracket - available in C42 and D48 sizes
  • 235 sleeved single lug wall fixing bracket - complies with DDA smooth finish / transition requirements - available in C42 and D48 sizes
  • 152-D48 adjustable angle flange - rectangluar base is in the same direction as the post section, eliminating any trip hazard compared to the old style 152
  • 177-D48 - 5 way TEE - desined for trolley bay type applications conencting centre top rails to end rails
  • 101-E60/D48 short TEE - designed for use with 50NB posts and 40NB rails
  • 119-E60/D48 CROSS - designed for use with 50NB posts and 40NB rails

We have a really significant range of new products in production, designed for the transition between flat decks to stairs (30-40 degree angles). This range will make the installation of mezzanine floors much faster, simpler and require less posts & fittings than current methods. Range is due for release around August 2022.

All new inventory of fittings will feature 15mm long 316 grade stainless steel grub screws for longer life, vastly improved corrossion resistance and improved vibration resistance. The 316 screws are due to start arriving in July / August.

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