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Clamp Fittings Size Guide

5 different size ranges of galvanized Kwikclamp clamp fittings are available as per the table below, making it easy to select a size for any given application. Kwikclamp fittings are easily identified by a design number and size cast into the fitting. E.g. 119-D48 is a 119 design fitting and D48 corresponds to the approximate outside diameter of the handrail tube being used (e.g. 48.3mm)

Kwikclamp fittings are specifically design to be used with steel pipe, while they can be used with aluminium tube, care should be taken to ensure the aluminium tube is as close as possible to 48mm OD and the wall thickness sufficient to deliver loadings under the Australian Standards.

SizeTube (Nominal Bore)Tude Outside diameter
A2720 NB26.9 mm
B3425NB33.7 mm
C4232NB42.4 mm
D4840NB48.3 mm
E6050NB60.3 mm

For more information, contact our customer service team, they will assist you to make the right selection of fittings and tube for your job.


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